Expedition in Nepal

Nepal is one of the world’s best destinations for mountain expedition. Himalayas in Nepal invite world mountaineers for the whole year round. Nepal is possibly the only country in the world where mountaineers can climb the tallest mountain in the world. It is the most exciting goal in the earth on behalf of expedition above 8000 m. peaks.  Nepal has eight highest peaks out of fourteen 8000 m. peaks of the world. People experience the expedition in these highest peaks in spring and autumn season. Among of these mountain climbing seasons spring is the most popular. We organize two types of climbing trips like service up to base camp and total expedition assistance service including all necessary arrangements till to complete the summit attempt. High altitude Sherpa guides and climbing Sherpa’s will assist you as much as possible during summit attempt at every step to make comfortable, easier, memorable and winning mission.

high altitude sherpa organize fully guided and logistic support for above 8000 m. meters peaks expedition in Nepal, the popular expedition peaks above 8000 m. Nepal are listed below.

  • Mt Everest 8848 m. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the World and is 8,848 m. tall. Also known as Sagarmatha and Chomolungma, was identified in 1852 by George Everest and first climbed by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary in 1953. By then many climbers had submitted the mountain and every year many climbers attempts to reach on top.
  • Mt Kanchenjunga 8586 m. Mount Kanchenjunga (8,586 m) is the third highest mountain in the world and first summited by Boe Brown and George Band in 1955 from a British expedition team.
  • Mt Lhotse: 8516 m. Mount Lhotse (8,516 m) is connected to Everest and the fourth highest mountain in the World. First climbed on 1956 by the Swiss team, Mt Lhotse is also considered before climbing Mt Everest for acclimatization.
  • Mt Makalu 8485 m. Mount Makalu is at 8,485 m and the fifth highest mountain in the World. First climbed by French expedition team on 1955 is one of the very popular mountains among mountaineers and had a perfect pyramid shape.
  • Mt Cho Oyu 8201 m. Mount Cho Oyu,the sixth-highest peak in the World and is 8,201 m tall. In Tibetan, Cho Oyu means Turquoise Goddess and was first summited in 1954 by Austrian expedition team.
  • Mt Dhaulagiri 8167 m. Mount Dhaulagiri (8,167 m) is the seventh highest peak in the World and is first summitted by a team of Swiss, Nepali and Austrian expedition team on 1960.
  • Mt Manaslu 8163 m. Mount Manaslu (8,163 m) is the eighth highest peak in the World and known as the mountain of Spirit. The mountain is first climbed by Japanese mountain expedition team in 1956.
  • Mt Annapurna I 8090m. Mount Annapurna I, tallest among in the Annapurna mountain range is the tenth highest mountain in the World at 8,091m.Considered as one of the toughest mountains to climb, was summited first by French expedition team in 1950.

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